Living in a military community and being a military spouse herself, Jaime knows how important big occasions are in a military family's life. Choosing to document an event through photographs is the best way to make those memories last a lifetime. At Jaime Rogl Photography, we believe an event celebrating your spouse's homecoming should be one that is a gift because we know you will cherish those photographs.

Our gift to you are these memories. You tell us the day and we will be there!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Click below and find your spouse's returning month on the list.

2. Pay the REFUNDABLE $50 retainer fee to reserve your spot for the homecoming.

3. We will be in contact with you shortly to review the details of the homecoming and book exact dates.

4. On the day of the homecoming, you will receive your $50 retainer fee as a refund.   



Homecomings are officially booked until 2019