Eden | Abilene, Texas Newborn and Family Photographer

Well, here I am wrapping up my last session in Germany and I can't believe how far JRP has come in such a short time. I have learned so much and thinking about the opportunities Texas will hold for me drives so much excitement in my heart for my business. I have poured so much of myself into JRP for the last 2 years and I am so thrilled to be relaunching my brand and sharing new things I am bringing to JRP. But first, let's talk about Eden....

Eden is a very special little girl in so many ways. Her mommy and daddy are our close family friends, so when Emili and Ryan were sent from Aviano to Ramstein to have Eden due to her high-risk pregnancy, I was extremely honored when they reached out to me to photograph their newborn session. Eden arrived just a couple days shy of her due date and immediately stole everyone's hearts. Just a bit after Eden's birth, Eden's daddy went out for a few then came back with a single rose for her which is the rose that you will see in her photographs. It took everything in me not to totally cry. Watching them as parents was so beautiful. Moments like watching brand new parents scrambling to figure out how to get their baby's tiny arms into and out of a onesie, a new momma nervously trying to figure out what the best way is to hold their new baby to nurse her, or their reactions to their tiny bundles endless amount of pee and poop. These moments are so raw and pure and fleeting. I love what I do because this is the most fragile time in a parent's life and I am blessed enough to witness this incredible scene.  

I decided to try something new for their session; something that would convey how I felt about their photographs and it has blossomed into something beautiful for JRP. All of my portrait sessions will now have a personalized preview video in HD that the client will receive prior to their gallery delivery. Your photographs are meant to evoke an emotion that simple words cannot convey, which is why I feel that it is important that a client feels the way I do when I am photographing their family.

I hope you enjoy watching Eden's preview video and I can't wait to share more exciting news for JRP in the coming weeks!