Nora | Newborn Session Sneak Peek | Abilene Texas Photographer

One squishy, two squishy.... All the squishies.... More!! 

All of our November babies are making their arrivals and they are just getting more and more darling! Nora's mommy and daddy brought her on her first getaway from Midland, Texas to Abilene for her newborn session and I think she had a pretty good time. This girl could sleep! Her perfect little chunkers made for lots of squishy, lovable photographs that I know her parents are going to adore. 

This little surprise baby is surrounded by so much love and adoration from her parents, and I could totally see why. She was the kind of baby who snuggled up hard and dare I say it, she kinda has a way of making those who cuddle her spike a little baby fever. Thank goodness I got to hand her over and I came to my senses ;) Not to brag, but I may have the best job. 

I hope this little smile warms your heart on this chilly Texas day like it did mine! 

Sneak Peek-1.jpg