Wrapping Up 2017 | Maternity Newborn Family | Abilene Texas Photographer

I am wrapping up 2017 with a bang and rolling into 2018 with nothing but excitement. 

- 2017 -

This year I began my business in Texas, first year in stateside with my business and through thick and thin and busting my tail, I have achieved and exceeded all of my 2017 goals. I dreamt of creating a cohesive brand that delivered more than what a client could expect from a photographer. I envisioned lots of tiny fingers and toes and beautiful glowing mothers. I saw locations that pushed outside of the norm in a town that is far known for its beauty and wonder. I dreamt of families coming into the studio to watch their beautiful baby peacefully wrapped in delicate textures. I could feel their hearts swell as they recieved beautiful memories to display in their homes. I knew these things were not far beyond my reach and I was not going to stop until I could get them. There were far more failures than there were successes. There were lessons learned and moments I second guessed myself, but they led me to this point where I can create wonderful relationships with my clients and continue that relationship into the new year. 


- 2018 - 

A whole new year with a whole new set of dreams. I've created my brand and now I get to sink deep into loving what I do and let this year take me to new places. I pray that it brings me just as many new friends that 2017 did and I pray that the mothers who bring their new babies to me feel the love and passion I have for creating these keepsakes for them. I wish for growth in every aspect of my life. This year will bring my focus to drive more creativity out of my mind and heart and trust the vision I see. My first goal is to offer more variety in my maternity sessions and open the studio for maternity clients. And I am already loving where this going! 

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