The Newborn Experience | Abilene Texas Photographer

Newborn portraits. We have ALL seen them, splattered across our social media accounts and Pinterest, just begging us to "ooh and ahhh" over them like we have never seen anything cuter in our lives... Newborn photographs have been all the rage since the early 2000's as photographs of babies molded into the cutest, squishiest poses have gone viral. Let me tell you, I am right there with ya! I had so much fun trying to find a newborn photographer when I was having my first baby. I remember pinning every single little squishy-mcsquishter photograph and endlessly searching Etsy for the next cutest headband for my baby's newborn session. I might as well just admit THAT was my favorite part of planning for my newborn to be here. I had a love for photography and art for a loooooong time, so I knew how important the investment was in great newborn photographs and after my newborn session, I knew it was something I wanted to venture into one day. 

I remember asking my newborn photographer that I wanted bright, white everything and the weird look she gave me. Jewel tones were definitely the "it" thing and she was kind of stumped. She pulled it together and delivered a beautiful light newborn setup. I was so excited and it always inspired me. I don't know why I was drawn to the simplicity of white, but I knew something about it made me feel so content about looking at my newborn snuggled into a cloud.