Magnolia Blue | Milestone Sneak Peek | Abilene Texas Photographer

Oh 2018... 

You are bringing about new dreams and ideas and excitement. So much more than I ever imagined for Jaime Rogl Photography. I am a mother and wife and an entrepreneur that built a sustainable business in 2017 that I have the power to impact daily. So when I started dreaming up new things for this year, I wanted to focus on an element of nature that I love and adore, but haven't figured out ways to incorporate it yet into the simple vision that I have for my brand. I love greenery and the peacefulness it brings to my sessions, so I promised myself this year I would put forth the effort to create the vision I had in my mind. 

And then I was introduced to Maggie.

Last month, I met the sweetest momma who brought in her darling little lady to chat about doing a one year session to celebrate her first birthday. I love milestone sessions. They are sweet and simple and you can capture the glimpses of a baby's personality and tell that baby's story. And then her mom told me her name; Magnolia Blue. Seriously, can we just take a second to appreciate how gorgeous this baby girl's name is?! And of course, not only does this baby girl have the sweetest name, but Lord, she is just darn adorable. I knew her session was going to be that start of something new for 2018 and I got to work designing a session for her. While I usually use white to accentuate and bring focus to baby, momma asked for a pop of color. Baby blue, baby girls, and the creamy white screams perfection. I knew all of my favorite vendors weren't going to let me down and they all came through magnificently! I was even surprised with a $3 antique store dress find, I put all of my dried eucalyptus to good use, and I busted through my comfort zone! 

Today, we had Magnolia's session and it was a dream! So much so that I couldn't decide on just a single sneak peek, or a double sneak peek..... So here is a bunch from her session because I just couldn't reel in the excitement.