Wyatt | Newborn Session Sneak Peek | Abilene Texas Photographer

I was excited when I woke up to a text that baby Wyatt had come into the world at the end of January. From them on, every few days I received pictures of him from his pretty momma and I was so overjoyed that she thought of me and knew I would love seeing sweet pictures of him. One of the best parts of my job is getting to be a little slice of this tiny human's story and I love when I have a client who genuinely likes including me in all aspects of it. 

Having children was the most amazing and incredible experience I will have in my life and the fact that I get so close with my clients that I get to watch their brand new babies grow through their first year and more is the best thing I could have asked for out of a career. I truly cherish the time I get to spend snuggling and loving on these babies. Today was no exception, especially since Wyatt loved the extra cuddles when his eyes would fling open the second I put him down. But my baby whisper skills were no match. :) 

Enjoy the sneak peeks from this precious boy's session this morning! 

Sneak Peek-2.jpg
Sneak Peek-1.jpg