Taylor & Taytum | Twin Newborn Session Sneak Peek | Abilene Texas Photographer

A week or two ago, I set out to do something that I haven't done in 6 years of business (5 of those photographing newborns and babies). I was ready for something that inspired me and my vision for my newborn portraiture. I am not one to focus on props and elements beyond what is natural for newborns, so usually I incorporate florals or texture in a wrap to mix up my sessions. I knew it needed to keep with my style and approach to newborn portraiture, but couldn't put my finger on what I was wanting to mix it up. One morning it came to me and I put out a model call and had this session lined up just a mere 3 hours later. I was sooooooo excited. 

Lori reached out to me to let me know that her twin baby girls were born just a week before that and they were born a couple weeks early than their due date but were doing amazing. Tiny newborns, baby girls, florals... Perfection. Twin sessions are intimidating which is probably why I wasn't sure I was ready until my assistant was completely trained in my newborn sessions. Two hands on the babies at all times and, in the event one wasn't sleeping, I needed someone to be rocking and soothing one baby to sleep while I was working with the other baby. We've been ready but waiting for the perfect moment and yesterday was our day to shine. 

I'll be honest, we got incredibly lucky with these amazing girls! It may have been one of my easiest sessions to date! 


Newborn Sneak Peek-7.jpg
Newborn Sneak Peek-8.jpg