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I often wonder what it would be like if I could throw myself entirely into the farmhouse movement. Live simply, with only functional items as decor, a practical wardrobe for my kids and I, simpler ingredients for the meals I prepare for my kids. I am mostly there, but not entirely. I couldn't put how I wanted to feel into words, and I think many other women and mothers feel the same way, which is why when Chip and Joanna Gaines made their way into reality TV, they made their way into the hearts of so many families across America. 

Becoming a super "fan girl" of Joanna Gaines felt weird to me, mainly because I relate to her more than most celebrities. I knew I would which is why when "The Magnolia Story" was released, I cracked open the book and didn't put it down until I was finished with it. A young family, with a dream, was definitely down my alley. I have been there and I was excited to experience the dream they were following. 

We booked our trip to Magnolia Market as an add on to my daughter's birthday celebration. I knew she would be excited because she's been addicted to watching reruns of Fixer Upper for months. Who would have known a 5 year old could be entertained by a show about flipping houses?? We told her we would be going to the bakery and getting a special treat and that was the start of our plans for The Silos. We started our stay at the Marriott Towneplace Suits.  It was a short 5 minute drive to get to The Silos District from the hotel and since everything in Waco is so brand new, we had a beautiful stay in a clean and super comfy hotel room. 

We visited Magnolia Market on a Tuesday morning and I was so thankful we did. It is definitely the best way to go. Everything is closed on Sunday, so Mondays tend to be more busy and Saturdays.... I can't even imagine how atrocious that would be. Tuesday was a great morning to go! Talk to the staff. The are THE NICEST people EVER. They had so much fun fawning over our girls who were totally awe-struck walking in. Chip and Jo, good job on your incredible staff!

Let's get to it! We successfully planned for our Magnolia-filled morning like so:

8:00 am - Leave for the Silos

-Park in the Free Parking lot behind Magnolia Market

8:10 am - Go to the Silos Baking Co. 

- Getting there early ensured we did not have a long wait in line. We were able to walk right in and order what we wanted.

-Be prepared before you go into the bakery. Do some research to know what is on their menu.  You can see their cupcakes listed on the blackboard. It is fast paced in there and can be overwhelming. Be sure to order a cookie or two as well and try out their super yummy sparking drinks in the back of the bakery. 

-After you have received your order, go sit out on the patio and enjoy your sweet treats. I ordered a dozen so we could take some home to family. They kept very well and did not melt, despite the 114 degree Texas weather! 

-Get a picture in front of the Silos Baking Co wall outside on the patio! This is a perfect time because not many people are there and you won't have other people in your shot.

8:40 am - Take a picture in front on the #milestomagnolia spot!

8:45 am - Get in line at Magnolia Market

-At this point, there will be a line forming in front of Magnolia Market. Be sure to get in line so you can have some time to really look at all the beautiful products in Magnolia Market. 

- Have an idea of what you want to look at buying specifically. That way you're not overwhelmed by the craziness of the crowds. 

- Make sure you get the basics : A T-shirt or hat, a book, and a mug. 

-People are pushy and cut throat. If you really want something, be kind to others and be patient or just buy it online and enjoy just being present at Magnolia Market instead. Watching grown women literally fighting over a pinch pot was so silly. It was a cute pinch pot though.... 

9:30 - Enjoy the Lawn

-There are cute little bean bag chairs, snag one for a few but be nice and share. I can't tell you how many rude people were there hoarding them.

-Play cornhole, enjoy the toys and balls provided by Chip and Jo.

-Find some share if it's hot. The Lawn gets soooo hot and we went when it was 114 degrees outside. The Lawn was unbearable. 

-Check out Willy's Wagon.

10:00 - Visit the Seed + Supply

-There is the sweetest succulent cart outside in the garden. You can plant your own succulent and you have the cutest memory from magnolia. This was my girls' FAVORITE spot. We love succulents and they had fun picking out their own little one. 

-Go walk through the beautiful garden at Seed + Supply. 

-Take a peek into the green house. You cannot go inside, but its fun to look in. 

-Go into Seed + Supply and get some cute flower bombs for gifts and stocking stuffers. These are super fun and don't take up space when traveling. Jojo loves her garden and this is the perfect way to bring a little Jojo home to family and friends. 

-Get some of the non-planting succulents inside! These are so neat! The wonderful ladies inside will tell you how to care for them and you can decorate your own pot of them.

11:00 - The Food Trucks

-The food trucks will start opening! If you're not planning on snagging a spot at Magnolia Table, this is a fun way to spend lunch.

-We snagged a spot on the stage to enjoy some yummy snow cones! 

-Also grab a picture on the stage under the original Magnolia sign! 

1:00 pm - Go to Magnolia Table

-We did not eat there for lunch but we did stop by. My oldest daughter was OVER IT. This is a good time to try and snag a spot for lunch. 

-My Inlaws did eat lunch here and got to meet a few named people from the show. If you want that opportunity, it might be worth it to stop in there! 


Secret spots to see and/or snag pictures of: 

The teepee in Seed + Supply

The Greenhouse

The Magnolia Sign

Willy's Wagon

The Silos Baking Co wall

The Silos view from the Free Parking Lot

THE ROOFTOP OF MAGNOLIA MARKET (Waive "hi" to the Gaines Family!) 

.:Yes Chip, Jo, and the kids were on the roof and often are:.

You can also see Chip sitting in the windows at the top of Magnolia Market looking down. Keep an eye out for him and you might get a glimpse. Don't be a crazy person though. 


For more tips on your time at the Silos, visit:


Here is a run down of our trip to Magnolia Market in photographs! 

(In iPhone pictures because I didn't want to juggle two toddlers and a big ol' camera this first time around... girls trip to follow though!)