Abigail | Newborn Session Sneak Peek | Abilene Texas Newborn Photographer

I remember the two pink lines that showed up on the pregnancy test when my oldest daughter was a little over a year old... It was exhilarating and scary and full of so much joy. We called the doctor right away to tell them we needed to be seen for an official pregnancy test and they asked me what week I thought I was in.... After hmm'ing and haw'ing over the course of what felt like forever, I didn't really have an answer because I had NO idea. And then came the "OMG, how pregnant am I?!" We had our dating ultrasound the next day that revealed we were close to 12 weeks. So after doing some math, we figured out that our oldest would be 18 months when we had a newborn and we had a little panic. 

I will be the first to tell you, there is nothing more incredible than thinking back on the moment I brought home a newborn with my other baby at home. I was terrified, but I was the strongest I have ever been as a mother and it is incredible to see how much I have grown in that strength since the early days. And now I have the privilege of watching other mothers experience that same strength as they walk in, just days or weeks after bringing a tiny human in this world, and then I get to witness incredibly beautiful moment through their motherhood over the next couple months. 

We, as mothers, are all in this together and getting to celebrate the immeasurable amount of strength a woman gains after bringing their precious bundle home to their new family of four, five, six, seven.... 

This sweet family was right there in the midst of the chaos and bliss. The try-and-keep-a-schedule, cant-stay-awake, one-more-cup-of-coffee, who-is-my-toddler-right-now moments and I get to document their story in the most beautiful way.