Lena + Evelyn | Motherhood Session | Abilene Texas Photographer

One of my absolute greatest joys in life is being a mother. The insurmountable pride that comes from being a mother overcomes me every day. Becoming a mother unravels a woman's story and rewraps it into a bundle of love, happiness, and fear. The child she grew inside of her, enters our world, and she has to live with a piece of her heart walking around outside of her body. Motherhood is packed full of conundrums, coupling fear and joy, revealing themselves at every turn and every milestone. The experience of pure joy at her baby's birth, the fear of having to raise her baby. The excitement of her baby's first steps, the fear that ensues realizing her baby can fall. Decorating her first birthday party, the fear that her baby is growing so quickly. We are united in motherhood, all of us going through these emotions with every moment we watch our children flourish. 

Being able to relate to the beautiful mothers I photograph makes me understand the depth of the emotions these mothers endure in the first days, weeks, months, and years of their precious child's life. I cherish the time I spend with these incredible women and I love getting to document this time for them. Lena and Evelyn had a fun start to life when Evelyn made her entrance into the world much quicker than most babies. I loved the start of their journey together, which is why I am so connected to their story. Lena is always very open about her trials and tribulations with being a mother and nursing Evelyn has always been her way of reconnecting with motherhood and grounding herself in her role. Getting to document the two of them together was so precious and endearing, despite the baby gymnastics that occurs often during their nursing sessions. 

We celebrated Evelyn's first birthday with a motherhood session and a cake smash afterwards to celebrate how important each of their roles are in this first year!