Abilene Texas Newborn Photographer | Baylor | Newborn Session Sneak Peek

Boys, boys, boys, and more boys!

Baby Baylor came into the world making these sweet big brothers the most proud siblings. They covered him with so many kisses and snuggles and my heart melted during our session together. It’s been a hot minute since my last newborn session, and I can always tell because I start questioning if we should add another baby to our family... But then I get my newborn snuggles and hand the baby back and trot off to live life with my two girls and I am happy again. It also helps that I get to work my creative mind behind the scenes while I edit the photographs from my session. This job definitely helps give me that baby fix when I need it, which is apparently much sooner than every 4 weeks.

Enjoy this sweet family’s sneak peeks from their session with baby boy #4!